Union meeting in front of Anaheim City Hall to add their measure to the ballot.




Dear Editor,

When I was a child living in Virginia, I wanted to run away and work at Disneyworld. I thought all my problems would be solved if I worked at the Happiest Place on Earth even if I was just sweeping up on Main Street.

It has come to my attention that the people who work for the Happiest Place on Earth are not that happy after all. The Unions that represent the thousands of employees who work at Disneyland have concluded that yes, the employees love their jobs, however they are not paid a livable wage. This is very concerning to me considering I have spent hundreds of thousands of dollars as a Disney consumer, between Premium Park Passports, cruises, and merchandise.

When a company like Disney takes in billions of dollars annually and not pay their employees a livable wage it saddens me. I went to the Townhall meeting for the Coalition of Resort Labor Unions, a couple of weeks ago and what I saw and heard were employees eating out of the trash, sleeping in their cars, cramped in small apartments with 3 or more roommates, and unable to afford new prescription glasses or health care. These conditions are outrageous.

Disneyland is a cornerstone of Orange County, yet many of their employees can’t afford to live here and must commute an hour or more. They also continue to renovate and expand the park constantly, yet the average hourly wage is $13 down from $15 years ago.

We have all taken a lashing from the 2008 recession, but the economy and the Park’s sales are up an average of 4% a year. It is time for them to reevaluate their pay scale and I hope Bob Iger will lead the way to a better life for their employees, but until then the only way I know how to protest is to grab my wallet.


Melissa Fazli

Yorba Linda Resident

(Submitted to OC Register on 3/12/18)